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Buenos Dias, Thrivers.

I just returned from a lovely extended vacation in Sayulita, Mexico. It was quite a victory to not have any cravings while I was there. I did have lots of refreshing nonalcoholic options like drinking the water straight from a coconut and all of the many aguas frescas (piña, limon con chia, sandia, coco) that were plentiful. We were also super excited to discover a local nonalcoholic beverage called tuba, that is similar to kombucha and served with diced apples and pecans floating about in each cup. It was so refreshing and perfect for the hot and humid climate.

Though I didn’t have any cravings it was so apparent how much alcohol is part of the culture there and also part of my experience of having fun while traveling. I kept noticing how often my family members were drinking because I was having some FOMO looking at those cans of beer with condensation gripped to the surface. It just looked so damn good (and I was not even much of a beer drinker).

So that had me thinking about the difference between a craving and a longing. I guess the big difference for me is a craving is in my body and it comes with only one message “I need a drink” whereas the other is in my thoughts and it is a longer story, wanting to be included, not wanting to miss out, wanting to experience everything I can, lamenting, wondering how it tastes, thinking about the feeling of being buzzed, etc. I am so grateful that these thoughts didn’t take over. I was able to release them quickly and effectively. I also chose not to miss out like going to the cute bar that had a swing instead of bar stools and ordering virgin piña coladas.

I am happy that I didn’t let those thoughts of longing change my truth. I am happy as a non-drinker. I am better and live a fuller life without the energy I used to give away to alcohol.


What about you? Do you see a difference between craving and longing?