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I have a pretty unique story … Hahaha but don’t we all? … Because I had been practicing gratitude for a few years before I got sober. Actually, I went out drinking before I posted my very first gratitude post. Anyway, eventually I got the message loud and clear that alcohol was no longer working for me. With lots of bumps in the road and support in many forms, I got sober.

And My Gratitude Helps Keep Me Sober

I am so lucky that I laid this solid foundation of practicing gratitude because it helps me so much. On hard days and good days and boring as hell days. No matter what, I still practice gratitude. It isn’t always easy but it is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done.


We have a vision for ourselves and the changes we want to make. We imagine what it will be like, what we will feel, and so often the reality is different. What I have learned is the importance of listening to that internal compass that says, “go this way”. Take the journey. Do the dance of change that is forward and back and quick and slow. It is your dance. It is purely for you and that is a beautiful thing. Change really is yours.


What is your internal compass pointing you towards?