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On Bodhi day I had a house full of amazing people. We laughed, shared food, and played some hilarious rounds of Rotten Apples. As I fell asleep that night I was a little emotional, but so grateful. Six years ago I had the darkest Holiday season of my life. It was my rock bottom. I had destroyed everything I had ever worked for. My Mum was dying. I was alone and almost homeless. I was suicidal and had had the first of 4 attempts in 6 months. Fast forward a few years, I own a home, have a business, have the most up lifting, positive supportive tribe, laugh often, garden, have a puppy, and am authentically happy, it radiates. So what changed? Simply. Me. I stood up. Put down what was weighing me down. Walked through my pain, instead of hiding from it or pretending it didn’t exist. I started doing things for other’s. Sometimes it was only the tiniest little thing, but I changed my selfish heart. “What can I do to help?” became my mantra. I stopped counting my tears and started counting my gratitudes. I stopped associating with people who brought drama and negativity into my life. Yes, I used to be that person for other’s. I retrained me. I started speaking positivity into everyone else’s lives. It took awhile, but wow is it worth it! I love my life now! Life is so sweet! I am so grateful, my heart breaks with gratitude daily. If life can change this much in 6 short years, just think where we can all be in 6 short more.

What will you do today to change tomorrow? Let’s all lift each other up and get there together!