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Have you been wondering how to do this gratitude thing … and make it your own … and keep it from getting boring? Gratitude isn’t all daisies and sunsets and it isn’t always easy. A gratitude practice can support your sobriety. And you don’t have to be a “grateful person” to feel the results.


I have heard from a lot of people in recovery that they were told to “practice gratitude” or to “write down what you’re thankful for”. But they weren’t given any further guidance. If there’s one thing I have learned in this journey of practicing gratitude for four and a half years and guiding others is that it is not that easy. No, seriously. It sounds awesome but when things are going bad, when we are burdened with pain, when we feel uncomfortable in our own bodies, practicing gratitude can be really hard to do.


Or it can feel fake. And then it doesn’t work. This magic of gratitude only works when it’s real. Because it’s gratitude not platitudes.


Gratitude is your choice. But guidance and gentle reminders will make it an easier choice.


That’s what we are here to offer you through the Thriving through Sobriety eCourse.